Workshop with the Echter brothers

“Learning from true professionals”

Given my background in Management Consulting, Private Equity and Executive Search it was clear from the beginning: I needed to get at least a basic understanding of Shujaa and especially our MAN TGS chassis from a technical perspective so that I am able to carry out at least regular maintenance, small repairs and initial fault diagnoses work myself. In the deserts of the world there is no truck-towing organisation or a repair worksho nearby.

In order to learn it the right-way from the start, we had organized a maitenance and repair workshop with the “Echter Brothers” in a MAN workshop, thanks to very helpful support from MAN Truck & Bus. The genuine brothers are true MAN insiders. They drove several times the service truck of the MAN factory Team at the Rally Paris-Dakar MAN truck factory team. If they are not able to give us relevant hints and tips and know the potential weaknesses of the vehicle, who else?

We met in the workshop of Karl Maurer (a well known MAN dealer) and started with the basics: opening the hood, identifying and changing V-belts, oilfilters and other regular maitenance work. For old practicioners everything absolute standard program, but for us totally new territory. In addition, many helpful tips were discussed and above all a lot of fun on both sides. Would we have Need the indepth technical Know-how of the Echter brothers for this Standard program? Of course not, but it is also about establishing contacts and having competent Support in an emergency situations. In addition, they confirmed the excellent quality of chassis, frame construction and cabin… Good to hear and even better to know. Confidence in Shujaa had grown further. And we met great people again. THANK YOU!

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