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At the end of 2014 Peter sold us his MAN Truck “Mounty”. With love and utmost care, the engineer has expanded his first expedition vehicle and used it only for a short time. He quickly discovered that his passion -intelligent planning and building – also left his mark on business in the extreme travel area and decided to devote himself to the next project. A small manufactory for high-end expedition mobile was developed: Discovery Mobil. So he develops and builds in his factory individual high-end expedition mobiles based on heavy trucks for worldwide use.

Toni Maurer GmbH & Co. KG

The fact that Toni Maurer has become one of the leading companies in special vehicle construction for MAN is due above all to the great know-how and the high quality of the products. Toni Maurer is the partner when it comes to technology, chassis, conversions or special questions regarding MAN expedition mobile. He also has a lot of experience in off-road driving.


Our initial discussion about exhaust gas problems has allowed us to build a close relationship with MAN. MAN was always highly cooperative and very interested in our project. We were supported in the areas of screw workshops, driving training and workshop services. In return, we have agreed that our travels can offer an emotional value in MAN communication so that we also came together for marketing issues.

Expedition For Trucks

Hans and Nancy from "Expedition For Trucks" are "real overlander" with 10-years of expedition mobile experience. They offer Workshop tours for individuals and small groups in order to prepare them for real driving challenges. We spent the first 2 weeks of our 4 week trip to Morcocco with them, mainly to practice a lot (e.g. changing tires with and without rim, correct use of sand-bars etc.). A really successful trip with two experts and we also had a great time and certainly not the last adventure experienced.

Here you can find links to good travel information and new travel sites for a Panamericana tour. For Panamericana travelers with motorhome, off-road vehicle, expedition motorhome, bus, pickup camper, car, motorbike or bicycle between Alaska in North America and Fireland in South America.

Overland Sphere

Overland Sphere is a Not for Profit Community, which is part of the Overlanding Association. is the media outlet of the Overlanding Association; the Overland blogs, news and stories on this website have been contributed by the communities members. The Overland Facebook Group  &  Overland Travel Forum are also full of information for the overlander: Shipping, border crossings, trip preparation, overland reports from the road, paper work, regional overland forums, volunteering on the road and more.

terra explorer

Pure luxury for adventure, culture or family travels

From adventure journeys, like expeditions to the largest canyons of the world to the most fascinating family and cultural or adventure luxury trips, Terra Explorer invite you to explore Peru individually, in an established tour or letting them design a custom journey especially for you. You will not miss anything.

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