Morocco II: Something different – tire change in low sand

After a short stop in Tan-Tan on the border with the autonomous Republic of Westsahara, we followed the river Dráa towards upwards – it runs mostly Underground if it does not rain heavily and offers deep gorges, bizarre deserts and rock formations. The 250 km along the river bed of the Dráa up to the provincial town of Assa, however, is not an absolute “must-do”. Hard float-tone subsoil lead to extreme bumpy rides. Driving on the only Land-Rover-wide slopes (nomads have no expedition mobile with appropriate gauge) make the trip extremely bumpy, so that the average speed on this section of the route was only 15 km / h.

In addition, Shujaa had his first flat tire: after 2.5 hours, a little sandstorm and almost in darkness we were enriched by numerous experiences and realized that our pratical Training beforehand in our domestic barn was very important. The full moon rising above us in the clear desert night compensated however the stress. After 200 km and 1.5 days we were glad to have found a steep ascent from the riverbed of the Dráa which allowed us to drive the last 50 km to Assa on comfortable Asphalt – a pleasure for Shujaa and us.

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