I was born and grew up in the beautiful "Badner Land". I still love it. Only there you get the real Baden housewives and the best German food. I studied economics in Munich and stayed there afterwards. Because it is also wonderful. The Alps, the lakes and this large village, which is called a city, had been my home in the last 25 years.

Now it's pulling me into the distance. It has always been, because I am a very curious person, but to put the house on the street I had not dared it yet.

One day on a vacation in Namibia at the Boma, after many stories about our lives, for Oliver and me it became clear that we wanted to travel as soon as possible. The next day we saw an expedition mobile and knew immediately that it had happened to us. That was precisely the way that we had in mind.

I would say it is almost impossible to find the right partner for such a project. Since the project was developed during our partnership and neither of us had it in mind from the very beginning, we were able to work together to develop the idea together, what was very nice.