Offroad training, Hohenloher Land

“All beginnings are difficult and practice makes perfect …”

This summary fits well with our first offorad driving expeirences rides during a weekend in the Hohenloher Land. Together with two others, but distinct smaller trucks (a Dutch Unimog and a Luxembourg 4×4 Sprinter), we learned how to drive under challenging off-road conditions. First of all, there is a challenge to choose the right combination between 4 differential lock positions, road and / or terrain reduction and automatic or manual shifting of one of the 12 gears. In addition the right driving technique and a careful observation of the terrain requires a certain multi-tasking capability.

Familiarity with the situation, however, Comes up quickly after we have practiced the same exercise twice. The conclusion after this very intense weekend is that Shujaa – properly driven and operated – has excellent offroad abilities. However, the weight of 17 tons has to be driven carefully, especially on soft and slippery ground (it had rained a lot at night). Despite the high learning curve during this weekend there is still a lot to learn for us. Also the practical comparison of the terrain capability and the individual advantages and disadvantages of an Unimog and a four wheel drive sprinter with our MAN 6×6 was very interesting. Next month we will go to a MAN gravel pit driving training and mid-December to Morocco to play a bit in the “sandbox”


  1. my son and I saw you on main Street saco maine usa…it’s such an interesting machine!

  2. Hats off for a great journey, wish you safety and success in your endeavours.

    Do you have pictures of the insider of the front cabin?

    1. Hi Nader,
      thank you. No, unfortunately not yet. And we are not in the truck atm. Sorry.
      Bests Karin

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