First of all quite banal, like most people, we strive after traveling into remote, unknown and occasionally untouched countries and territories. In nature, to live with nature and to admire nature and admire will surely concern us every day.

The learning of interesting people and experiences of any kind, which enriches us and makes us grow, is desirable for us and an important part of life, which in this way is once again given a different value – simply by its versatility. And we are really looking forward to it.

We have always been traveled a lot, but now we want to do it in a different way. No longer with the plane from A to B and in nice hotels, but slowly, with the possibility to meet the country and people differently.

This website reflects exactly this life stage, not our earlier trips.

But “traveling only” over many years may not be enough. We are already thinking about some ideas, from a Folks-Cookingbook to an international guru guide to crowdfunding projects. This, however, is also depending on where it drives us and to whom we meet, what happens to us and what life provides for us. It is a desirable part of our lives to learn about interesting people and getting experiences of any kind that will enrich and grow us, which is given by this different kind of travel – simply by its versatility.

We are also very aware of the challenges. This refers to the daily adventures, but also to our partnership. This is why we have made a conscious effort to deal with these situations and experiences and to see this as an opportunity for further development which we would not have at home in this intensity.


During our first training with MAN the truck constructor was interested in our plans. So a brief outline of our plans arose in this training. MAN saw the project as a perfect way to support the emotional boosting of the brand. Today this video is one with the most clicks of all MAN videos (12/18: 1.3 Mio).