Our travel pharmacy: Not that easy

For a long time we have known that this topic needs to be prepared very well – our travel pharmacy. So we read magazines, books and consulted our house doctor.

When I started, I did it like usual, I opened an excel file. Sorted well, collected all the data and cataloged, valued, prioritized, and went several times to our poor Dr. Huber, who always answered me.

  • Do we have too much antibiotics?
  • Is morphine necessary?
  • How to put a syringe in the vein?
  • Can I practice sewing on a household sponge?

Somehow new sources emerged and new people, who had an even better tip.

And so this actually lasted for several months. But now we are finally done.

The list is ready! Now we have the classic medicine, homeopathy, ayurvedic medicine and everything around wound care clear separated and processed in the table. Now just one is left, spend money and find the right place in the truck, but that should not be a problem – so I hope.

If you are interested in the list, please let us know.


  1. Hi,

    It is wonderful to hear about your expedition. We wish the best of luck. Wonderful posts so far but it will be great if you add some info about main cost items such as shipping, permits, special documentation requirements and costs, the fuel cost of your routes, etc.

    However, I would be very grateful if you kindly share with me your travel pharmacy drug list.


    All the best wishes and safe journey.


    1. Hi Hamad,

      Thank you for you comment and your wishes. We try to add some cost information in our blogs and I will send you the pharmacy list to your email address. Unfortunately it is in German, but I think you can identify it with the Latin names of the medicines.

      All the best for you, too
      Karin & Oliver

  2. Hi,

    I would be very interested in the list. I’m curious to see what you would have with you on a long trip like yours.


    1. Hi Jeroen,
      I will send you the list to your email address. But it is just in German, hope that helps too.
      Bests Karin

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