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Summary: Jordan

1,410 km in 12 days: In the dreamlike Wadi Rum we spend wonderful desert days again. Even though we’re not so alone here anymore, it’s still pretty empty. This makes the journey through the mystical world of mountains and sand particularly impressive. In Aquaba, for the first time, we encounter a somewhat “more relaxed” atmosphere. People live a little more outside again and you see a lot of women on the street. At the top of our bucket list is Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world. Here, too, we fear a flood of tourists and too high expectations on our part, but far from it. Sometimes we are even alone and we are thrilled. Petra is really an experience. Simply because there is not only the famous treasure house to see here, but many different, beautiful ancient buildings and temples. On the further journey the landscape becomes more Mediterranean and we visit some Crusader castles. The next detour takes us to the Dead Sea, which sadly has already lost 30% of its size since the 1960s. Of course, the obligatory bath with mud treatment should not be missed. On the way north, in a small town, we have our next accident. Just a minor scrape for Shujaa and a few deeper dents and scratches for the van that was touched. Fortunately, during this forced stop, we also discover the loose battery box and tie it up. So we didn’t lose it along the way! Madaba, the city of mosaics, surprises us with its size, beauty and obscurity. We also have a look at Amman. In eastern Jordan we visit some half-ruined desert castles. The city of Jerash with its ancient part also amazes us: The size, how well it is preserved and the diversity is unparalleled in Greece and Turkey. We are slowly feeling Corona coming up, which we probably got from all the people standing close around us in the accident. We’re not doing so well, but we’re surviving.

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