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Summary: Zambia

4,338 km in 24 days: “Let’s make a plan”. That is the winged phrase that you hear again and again in Zambia. Like a mantra. The people are pretty organized by African standards. And very welcoming. Everyone laughs and waves. Extremely personable. We like that. First, we have a look at the Sioma Falls, then we drive to Livingstone on a horrible pothole slope to see the other side of the Victoria Falls, which we like even better than the Zimbabwean side. All in all, the roads in Zambia are terrible, because they are not maintained at all and there are many potholes that make progress difficult. Then we go to Lake Kariba, where we marvel at what was once the largest dam on earth. Afterwards we visit the Lower Zambesi NP and listen to the noise of the hippos, elephants and lions around us. There are a few things to do in Lusaka, including buying a new freezer, because the old one seemed to have a gas leakage that nobody could find. At the Kundalila Falls, Oliver catches bilharzia, which he banishes a few days later with hammer pills. The waterfall tour through the north with the many natural beauties is amazing. And then we experience wild elephants for the first time only 2 m away in the South Luangwa NP right here in our camp. “Zambia, the real Africa” – this slogan fits the country very well.

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