Morocco II: Getting to Morocco with the ferry

After our first test trip to Morocco with Shujaa more than 10 months ago, we decided again for Morocco for our second test trip from 6th to 30th of October 2016: not that we had no exciting ideas for alternatives, but the country and its people were too impressive, the trip to Morocco is comparatively easy (especially if you only have just three weeks), there were still a lot of undiscovered corners and the variety of tracks and challenges are simply second to none.

This time we decided to go from Genoa to Tanger Med by ferry (48 hours). Surely good to calm down from the stressful professional life, but also quite boring and “dirty” so we were happy when our wheels rolled again. On the first afternoon in Morocco we drove on the motorway from Tangier Med to Rabat and Casablanca to just before El Jadida where we found our first remote overnight Location directly on the Atlantic beach – in our own home with our own wine and our own goodies it was a highlight after the ferry crossing.


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