MAN offroad training, Unterwattenbach

“Practicing, practicing, practicing, …”

After finishing our first driving training on a truck training class in the Hohenloher Land three weeks ago, we have now drove to a gravel pit near Landshut, to a driver training organized by MAN Profi-Drive.

On the one hand, we wanted to deepen our first practical experience – also in preparation for our first test drive to Morocco which starts in early December – and on the other hand we got the possibility of an extensive vehicle comparison in the terrain. We found MAN 2-axle, 3-axle and even a 4-axle with partly different all-wheel-drive systems (permanent, switchable, hydro-drive) for practicing.

We realized that a 3-axle in the terrain in terms of traction as well as in terms of road handling is a very, very good choice. Of course, a 2-axle is more handy and has advantages, especially with soft, slippery and sloping ground due to its lower weight. The optimum would certainly be a 3-axle with the weight and the handiness of a 2-axle, but here we are again in the classic target conflict between as much comfort, space and self-sufficiency on one hand and high handiness and compactness on the other hand.

Also Karin was able to collect great driving practice this time and we felt well prepared for our upcoming test trip to Morocco, where we will gain more experience in a completely different terrain (sand, rivers).

We also used the nice scenery in Unterwattenbach for a couple of great shoots with Shujaa – now with the logo and name in place. With the kind support of MAN, we produced a great video about Shujaa, which MAN will also use in social media. We are very excited.

To the MAN Video

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