Morocco I: Nearly over


From Imichil we drove into the Middle Atlas with its beautiful cedar forests in the region around Arzou where we spent New Year’s Eve after a great dinner and good wines in total remoteness before we came to the second royal city on our tour – Fees.  The ancient schools of koran are even more magnificent than in Marrakesh and Fez has lots of morbid charm renovation Needs. Again we parked directly in a parking lot in the old Downtown area – thanks to a good recommendation from Nancy & Hans.

From Fès we went through the Rif mountains (notorious reputation because of its intensive hashish cultivation) to the mountain village Chefchaouen: because the color blue is supposed to hold off insects almost every house is painted in blue. Together with the picturesque mountain scenery of the Rif mountains, a very harmonious ambience – we felt almost moved to the Cyclades in Greece. From Chefchaouen we went quickly to Tanger Med where we took the Ferry to Algericas in Spain. Fantastic four weeks in Morocco ended.

Conclusion of our first test trip: we have learned a lot about driving on difficult terrain, handling the vehicle under complex situations and, of course, changing the tire with and without a rim ;-). The most important thing, however, is that we have built up a really emotional relationship with Shujaa and realized that this form of travel is “ours”. Even if we are mentally already with the next test trip (Iran, again Morocco or Iceland?), we have to manage everyday life with our demanding Jobs as the immediate next challenge.

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