Farewell party: Finally it is serious!

Our flight to Buenos Aires is booked, on Friday, October 13th. Shujaa will be shipped there in the mid of September – we are still considering which of the two possible cargo ships fits better: the departure time change permanently. Everything is packed and organized. Slowly we are getting excited and nervous. But, now it’s time! We talk about long enough. We can clearly say, it is enough now with all the preparation. We want to go. The house is no longer comfortable and people around us are thinking we are gone already.

The very last milestone was our farewell party, which we had last Saturday. It was really great. In the yard of the barn, where Shujaa stands, we organized a small party with best weather. 60 people, despite the holiday season and quite long travels (even from Mallorca), have found the way to us and spent a wonderful evening with us. A completely mixed society consisting of expeditionscommunity, former work colleagues, new and old big friends, neighbors and family made the evening unforgettable for us. Thank you!

The next blog will probably come from Buenos Aires – let’s hope that Shujaa gets there without any bad circumstances.


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