Final preparations … – the clock is running

Karin triggered by her job situation our starting point: mid October of this year we will start our „long journey“ in Buenos Aires and will then travel through South-, Central- and Northamerica up to Alaska. Shujaa will be shipped mid September from Hamburg to Zarate / Buenos Aires if everything goes according to plan and we will fly over mid October.

A last service at our MAN garage – Toni Maurer – where Shujaa got larger shoes (i. e. tires). Size matters! But also worldwide availability of the size, ground clearance and optics play an important role. We also fixed smaller issues. Currently Shujaa is at Peter, the owner from Discovery Mobil, in Austria to implement the last improvements and ideas we got during our second test trip to Morocco. We won’t be able to do a larger service at the chassis or the superstructur for the next 2.5 years so we want to start as well tuned as possible.

When Shujaa is back from Austria we will start loading our truck – we will see how many of Karin’s favorite accessories will find space.

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