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Our first continent is coming to an end. After more than a year with Shujaa, where we drove across South America, we will be leaving a beautiful continent at the end of November.

Yesterday I saw a new video from pepamobil.ch, which was also dedicated to René, our friend from Chile who died in a tragic Buggy accident a few days ago. I had to cry heartbreakingly. On the one hand, because of René of course, but what surprised me a lot more was, because we will be leaving the continent.

It’s scary how fast a year is passing. We have seen so much in this year that it is not surprising that time was running by so quickly for us. We both planned and decided together – every day. Nobody forces us to leave South America, and yet I regret the farewell. I would like to start our trip all over again but I know that a longer stay would not have changed this desire. It’s just that when I see all the pictures or videos of other travelers from places we have also been to, I see that beauty so overwhelmingly that it hurts.

The monstrous mountains, the lonely deserts that, in spite of all the desolation, produce a splendor of color that even outshines the jungle. The color of the sky when you are at high altitudes over 3,000-4,000 m is breathtaking – the most brilliant, most beautiful blue. The air is crystal clear. The lagoons at that height are of a turquoise color, as even the Caribbean Sea does not produce. Flamingos strut through the glittering shallow water and a bit of residual snow contrasts the rugged mountain peaks. Just a dream. The highly active rainforest with the most unreal animal sounds, dream beaches that leads you to let go all of your problems. Landscapes, as I had never seen them before and people, who, despite all poverty and diversity, always met us warmly. And we leave all that behind us …

I am very grateful that we were able to experience that, that we can make this journey and that we are consciously enjoying each day.

In fact, what I regret is that we were often too lazy to get our drone out, or simply forgot it. Now we miss these unique aerial photographs as a reminder.

One part is over, a new part is starting: Africa will be our next continent to explore in the spring of next year, and we are looking forward to it. And yet we have said that we will come here again. Certainly.


  1. Hey Karin & Oliver, I’m from Brazil I saw your amazing truck in Punta del Este, UY some days ago, at “Los Dedos”. I’m so happy that you enjoyed your journey from our continent, specially Brazil and I wish you the best in the next one! Go for it!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Cleber. Indeed, it is so great, in Uruguay, too. Maybe will we see us on the way back next week 😉

  2. I Saw you today in a La Viuda beach. Uruguay!

    1. Hey Juliana,
      nice to hear from you and you contact us. It is always great to get in contact with people, which “just” see us and use the website address. That makes us happy.
      Bests Karin & Oliver

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