Morocco II: A bit bumpy …

In the next days we drove the Atlantic coast southwards via Safi, Essaouira, Agadir, Massa National Park – all with fantastic coastal roads and giant overnight spots directly at the sea. The destination and highlight of this Atlantic route was, however, the Plage Blanche, a beach which is over 40 km directly on the water line, with different dunes and steep precipices in the outback. No one (except a few fishermen) was in sight and therefore no help would be around in case we got stuck and the flood would come faster than the rescue maneuvers were successfull. Also the further driving, a very demanding ride, above the Plage Blanche along the steep coast to the Cap Dráa is certainly one of the absolute dream slopes of this world. We were glad that we had completed an extensive driving training with Hans and Nancy during our first Morocco test trip, otherwise this route would certainly have been “too much” for us. Still there were sufficient challenges. At the lonely places above the cliffs fishermen came by and offered freshly caught fish, including complete preparation on the self-made grill, a real experience for us. After the feast, the fishermen were more interested in our German beer than in a few Dirham.

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