Driving test passed – despite flash freeze and a capital driving mistake

Today it was the time! After weeks of learning together with 18-year-old teenagers and exciting driving lessons, we passed the practical test for our truck driving license today. That was exciting. The written test was last week – without any problems. Oliver was a bit irritated after I had already finalized after 10 minutes and he needed 30 minutes – like almost all. I was confused, too.

We also passed the practical test together. I wanted to do it first – for just passing it quickly. Then Oliver. Overall, it was easy, contrary to expectations. My backward parking was exemplary and perfect. With our 18 tonner exercise truck I stopped exactly 50 cm from the curb and I was completely straight. It was snowing, but everything went smoothly. Until Oliver started …

After 5 minutes there was flash freeze on the street and we all just wanted to go home. Both the examiner and our dear driving instructor getting quieter and quieter. We felt several times the car slipped over the ice. We were all very tense, so you could cut the air in the driver’s cab. Poor Oliver. It was not nice. At a large crossroads in Munich 500 meters away from the target, Oliver took the priority without having it. He was very excited and concentrated, because of the circumstances. I screamed, but the inspector did not liked it very much. He punished me with a very bad look. Finally after 2 hours of feeling, but only 20 minutes in reality, there was a feedback. We had both passed the test, but of course we discussed the critical crossing. Oliver had not even noticed it. We all have to admit, the crossing was very big and the car very small and it slipped “just” around the corner, nevertheless it had the right of doing it first. The auditor was very keen on the bad circumstances. Thanks God!

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