About the speed or slowness of travel

We have been on our world tour since 2015. Sometimes only temporarily, sometimes for a very long time. We have certainly learned a lot in these years and, above all, our lifes have changed massively. Not consciously controlled by us, but solely by the different living conditions that we had in those years. The importance of various topics has also been recalibrated.

Above all, it was difficult for us to say goodbye to working life, to our responsible jobs, the power structure, the political context, but also to the employees who have grown with us. For me more than Oliver, because he always had the plan to get out of jobs early in his life.

However, one thing has stayed with us. One characteristic of many, which is so inherent in us that it would make no sense to cut it out of our personality and which we both incorporate very strongly. And that certainly helped us massively in our old jobs and made us successful. We are both so similar here that sometimes it’s a bit too much, but we’ve gotten used to it. It is the speed of implementing things, doing to-dos straight away, not wasting time, efficiently weighing up individual components in order to then implement them in the correct and fastest order.

And of course, this characteristic also accompanies us when traveling and has a significant influence on our travel speed. In the more than 200,000 km that we have explored with Shujaa in South America, Africa and the Middle East, we came to a daily average of 150 km – and that with an appropriate use of Shujaa and many off-road slopes. Many observe this and probably sit in front of our blog and our maps shaking their heads. We also get inquiries and comments as to why we are “much too fast”. Last but not least, that is why we are writing this blog. Not out of justification, but rather to create understanding for different ways of travelling. And because we don’t like this evaluation and biased judgement. We also don’t ask other travelers why they are so slow and why in the end they only make it to Africa, because our wonderful world is so big. There isn’t just one way!

Why are we so “fast”? And we don’t even feel that way. While others ship to Buenos Aires and throw a coin there on arrival, whether they should go north or south, decide for the south, then find out later in Tierra del Fuego that it is quite cold there in July and in northern Argentina they miss the spring, we or rather Oliver sit at home during our travel breaks, almost every day over the books and blogs to prepare the next stage of our world trip. Certainly, several hours a day we invest here so that this is no longer an issue on the go. The trip is then ready and planning is fun.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be flexible on the road and take other routes than planned. Of course, the planning is only a framework, but one that doesn’t take up any more time on the way. Roads, regional conditions, climates, fuel costs, road fees, customs formalities, relevant documents, procurement of replacement tires, even great restaurants – everything is in our Excel sheets. And along the way we concentrate on looking, enjoying and living – and also allowing for flexibility for the unforeseen.

The same applies to the truck and the technology. When we are at home, we have our Shujaa meticulously serviced and he receives intensive wellness treatments so that he is really well on the way. Of course, something can still happen, but even then we have our contacts and potential workshops in our lists. For example, Oliver has already ordered tires for our next North American tour in the USA (our tire size is rather difficult to obtain there), which he will only have fitted in a few months’ time…at a point on the trip when the current tires will be worn out. And here, too, there is nothing to research on the way or even to have delivered from Germany and to wait and wait and wait …

So far, hey, it has always worked very smoothly. Sure, that can change, but then we’ll accept that gratefully.

Another important point is our life and travel concept: we are usually on the road 6-8 months a year and the rest at home. At first we thought that we would leave Germany with Shujaa and then only come back after the end of the entire world tour 7 or 10 years later. However, our first stage in South America showed us that we need time to digest all the travel impressions. And that doesn’t mean two weeks on the beach to hang out and recharge our batteries. That’s not enough for us. We spend several months a year in Mallorca, our selected homebase, and live a completely different life there. However, this means that we gain distance to travelling every time, digest the experiences, and are happy again to continue travelling. Fortunately, unlike other travelers who may have given up all their belongings and live solely in their vehicle, we have the luxury option of pausing in a dream location. However, this also means that we don’t stay at mediocre locations for weeks on our world tour to organize, repair or recover from travel… because we have the choice.

We want to travel the world, we want to marvel at the earth with its wonders, we want to meet people, visit sights, drive through cities, live in deserts for a few days and feel all the enjoyment that comes with it. And that’s exactly what we do quite well with our way of traveling. Last but not least, it is a delight to listen to the sonorous engine noise in the driver’s cab and simply to gondola through the landscape for hours. This is meditation for us. We just love driving our expedition truck.

We don’t miss anything, on the contrary. We often meet travelers who copy our routes and start all over again in a country because they have missed something. Compared to the routes and reports that other travelers drove much more slowly, we see no difference, only that we might just continue after a visit and not stay in the hot parking lot for two more days.

A word about deceleration, which moves and occupies us all these days and which many of us “practice”. We also have these thoughts. But, we see that in completely different areas, not whether we drive 150 km a day or not, because in the car we accelerate the most.

Conclusion: every traveler needs to find his own pace. We have explained our point of view today because questions often arise and it cannot be explained in one sentence. And as I write, I notice that we are doing exactly the right thing for ourselves. And now we’re looking forward to the next stage. The last week in Mallorca has begun and we’re already excited to discover the world again… the first few days will certainly raise our daily average again 😉. We are really excited when we lock up our beloved finca and open the door to our beloved Shujaa again. In slightly cooler Canada.


  1. Your writing style is engaging and persuasive, making readers excited. At Uber, we are committed to your safety. We have put in place measures for secure shopping so that you can travel serenely.

    1. Thank you 🙏

  2. Thank you for sharing such a well-structured and informative blog post. I appreciated the way you presented the information and the practical applications you discussed. To delve deeper into this subject, click here.

    1. Thank YOU for being a follower and for your nice words. That motivates us!

  3. we, too, saw you inNewfoundland in numerous places, the most dramatic being the parking spot you choose at Crow Head, near Long Point lighthouse. ( I saw the Man on our way to the lighthouse and wanted to get a picture, but you were pulling out when we returned.) Also saw y’all on Fogo Island! The other two times was when you were driving about. Have fun and when you hit the USA East coast, take a trip to Cape Cod, and stopand saw Howdy 😉


    1. Hi Don,
      what a pity, that we didn’t meet us. Especially with these many opportunities 😉
      Ofc we will come to Cape Cod, approx. end of October. Send us an email: info@tracksaroundtheworld.de, then I will send you our WhatsApp No. for further communication.
      Karin & Oliver

    2. wow that is fantastic im german. and my daughter just saw your truck at the school bus stop in linden va.
      love your truck . Gute Reise .😊 Gabi.
      ich hatte gerne mal euren truck gesehen .😊

      1. 🙏

  4. Saw you in Gros Morne National Park at the Tablelands! Such an inspiring way to do life. Safe Travels, can’t wait to follow you on your adventures around the world.

    1. Hi Marie!
      Thank you for your message and thank you for your interest. Now we continue our blog and today we wrote the first of Canada. Enjoy it.
      Karin & Oliver

      1. I just saw you driving on Front St in Georgetown, SC

        1. 👍

  5. We are actually in the line up at the Fogo Island ferry with you and reading your blog. So very interesting , enjoy our island and we will follow your travels. Be safe!

    1. Hi Natasha!
      You are so nice, thanks a lot. I always answer a bit too late, because I am not every day in the CMS. But thank you for following us.

  6. Welcome to Newfoundland! Saw you on the ferry and just passed on the highway. Enjoy!! Kiss the cod!

    1. 🐟🐟🐟 Thank you!

      1. Just passed you on the trans Canada Highway near Glendale NS. Enjoying reading your blog as I saw the site on the side of your vehicle. Hope you are having the times of your lives.

        1. Thank you! Yes, indeed, we have the best time of our life. We enjoy Canada extremely, the people are so nice and the nature is gorgeous.

  7. Right your are Carin, everybody takes is own pace to travel ☺️🙏🏼🌍 you don’t have to explain yourself it’s the way of living you both like the most and that’s all what count’s !

    For us, as we still work find it sometime hard to find time for preparation for the next (small) trip … we see these years as try out for our first big trip in 2 years time when we stop working when we can travel without going home to start working again … that is my dream to go all the way to Iran and beyond for 6 mnd or longer. Just the feeling to have all the time we want is something we are really looking forward to 😄🌍

    So in the mean time I really love to see where your travels take you in Canada 🍁 and the US !! A lot to see over there … and fall in Canada is beautifull !!

    Don’t forget Taddusac near Montreal where it’s awsome whale spotting and the magic bus in Alaska where Chris Mc-candless spend his last days although they took the real bus out of the wilderness now still a magic place to visit I believe

    Save travels hope to read your blog soon !

    Grusse Sylvia Boesveld

    1. Thank you Sylvia! And thanks for the tipps. Enjoy your planning and traveling time! And live your dreams! That’s always the best way.
      Karin & Oliver

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