Montenegro and Croatia: Back in European civilization

After we have left Albania, European civilization has us back: not only the price level increases significantly (in particular Croatia has some very steep prices for many things) but also the number of campers increases suddenly. There are wild camping bans almost everywhere! We are again aware of how privileged we have been in the past years. Despite Corona we could continue almost without restrictions as planned … and this almost without other travelers. Unfortunately, this time is over and especially in Europe individual and lonely traveling away from the common routes as we like it has not become easier through the new van-life hype … even in off season.

So, we try to enjoy the positive sides: good infrastructure, nice restaurants, well-kept and well-restored harbors and old towns, little dirt – a comfortable and carefree “easy going” traveling. The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro beautiful, Dubrovnik unique, the island of Korcula was still surprisingly remote with good wild camping opportunities in lonely bays. Split, Trogir and Sibenik: Pretty towns and the waterfalls of Krka a great nature experience. In order to avoid the tourist bus loads, we visit the Plitvicer Lakes in the early morning…. A really good decision, because when we come back the bus parking lot is completely full.

Once again, we are faster than planned, visit our good friends in Austria, load our various ordered new things for the next trip and then bring Shujaa to his deserved MAN service.

After seven months and 35,000 km, a great Middle East trip comes to an end: Highlights were certainly Iran, the Oman and the still completely untouristic Saudi Arabia. Our passion for deserts has also strengthened further. Unfortunately, we realize that traveling in Europe has not necessarily become more appealing in the Post-Corona / van-Live Community era. But fortunately, the world is very big and there is still a lot to discover for us: at the end of July we will ship to Canada and then tackle the North American continent including Alaska and Central America. The adventure continues!

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