The Lut desert – unlimited loneliness and off-road adventure

The desert Lut was from the very beginning one of our absolute highlight destinations on our entire Middle-East Tour: the driest, hottest (with measured over 70 C degrees) and above all the most remote desert on earth. In the Sahara there are nomads, camels and oases. Here there is …. nothing: only silence, seclusion and of course adventure.

Known is the desert Lut for the “Kaluts”: bizarre sediment formations are shaped through wind and water erosion over centuries. They cover, in combination with mighty table mountains and sand dunes, a huge area and offer fantastic nature experiences. On the one hand, there is a Kalut area relatively close to asphalt road heading to Afghanistan (here also – especially on holidays – Iranian tourists with normal cars come for their favorite leisure activity, the picnic). On the other hand, there are various “round trips”, on very lonely routes through an infinite, beautiful desert area, also in the direction of the Afghan border. The opinions vary on whether you are only allowed to travel with a local guide for security reasons or not. Surely it makes sense to travel with two vehicles in the case of a breakdown, getting stuck or other problems. We do not want to have a guide – especially in this contemplative loneliness, and other overlanders, with a suitable vehicle are currently not travelling in Iran.

So, we’re back on us alone: ​​Shujaa, as I can judge from my knowledge, is in good health conditions. The satellite phone is also ready for use, the water and diesel tanks are full and so the adventure can begin.

During four days we see, with the exception of a military vehicle accompanied by two motorcycles, no one. Strangely, they drive around us in a big bow and do not control us (which raises the question of whether this is really Iranian military). We experience fantastic desert landscapes with demanding driving challenges: sand, dunes, steep climbs and descents …. and of course, exceptional overnight spots. The landscapes we can see and enjoy are really spectacular. Karin does not stop taking photos and videos, we also use our drone quite often again.

Whether we drive many km over a stone desert or through the Kaluts, or if we try to find the best way over a dune chain – it’s just unprecedented. The light, at this time of the year, is already warm at about 2 pm, like the sunset, and thus we life as in a dream.

After 800 km we are back in civilization. A terrific adventure and a real highlight of our journey comes to an end. The pictures and the video speak for themselves.


  1. Fantatic!! Glad you’ve had a good adventure in my country!


  2. I am a bit behind with catching up with your travels 😜 But what an awsome pictures you took in de Lut dessert !! My jaw is still open ….. OMG I can imagine you could not get enough of it either … but Oman and Saudi Arabia al already under your wheels for some weeks now 😊
    Enjoy !!

    Merry Christmas 🎄 over there

    Grusse Sylvia Boesveld

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