The 10 most important and unimportant items on a worldtrip from a women’s perspective

What are the 10 most important things that we have with us?

  1. Our Dyson vacuum cleaner is right at the front. It was already in the truck when it was bought and swirled around a lot from the first minute. Unbeatable for me in first place although Oliver would probably argue differently. Always reliable, strong like Shujaa and tireless. Gold value for the Baden housewife.
  2. Then comes the “iOverlander” app. Indispensable, in my opinion, when you are travelling throughout the world. You can find everything there: from remote wild campsites, to official campgrounds, to workshops and hidden sights. Also extremely helpful when you drive along strange roads and want to discover things along the route that are not in any travel guide or you want to be prepared for roadblocks early on.
  3. The multifunction tool, a screwdriver set with many attachments, has also become one of my best friends. With this tool you can repair almost anything in the interior. And something often breaks, screws loosen, or a drawer has become obsolete again due to the many slopes. Simply brilliant and it is always at hand.
  4. The electric fly catcher in the shape of a tennis racket is incredibly efficient when it comes to yelling at mosquitoes when they approach. Better than any towel. Flies and other flying creatures are also rendered harmless.
  5. Our grill grate for 7 euros, which Oliver bought on the fly in South America and which has long outstripped our professional grill, is now also indispensable. It is already completely warped after frequent use, but it can be easily placed over any wood fire and bent over so that the position is perfect.
  6. We have two walkie-talkies in the driver’s cab that we use to communicate when Oliver aligns our parking place. That was just a brilliant idea. Without these things we would have been divorced already a long time ago, because with the engine noise outside and only with hand signals you simply cannot communicate precisely.
  7. We have beautiful lighting for the evening when we are sitting outside. An electronic fatboy lamp and two electric candles, which always give us a romantic atmosphere, but also give us enough light to eat. We got the electric candles from Hans and Nancy and are very grateful to them.
  8. We have an extendable stick with us for self-defense. This led a rather miserable existence in the closet until Oliver was attacked by the three dogs in Ecuador. Since then he has always taken it when he is doing jogging.
  9. And now, last but not least, there are more women’s things: a white, ironed blouse. This is how I always feel well dressed in the dust, in the most remote places in the world, when we go out for a fine meal.
  10. Also, my lipstick and my perfume. Very important for me, but only that. When I used to carry whole bags around in my handbags, full of make-up and “first aid” stuff like nail files, hand cream and replacement earrings etc … these two things are nowadays enough for me.

Of course, we have a lot of technical things that are not only important but vital, but Oliver should write something about that someday …


And what are the 10 least important things for me?

  1. A mosquito net for the interior, despite mosquito nets on the windows. Theoretically, when we planned everything, we thought it may be necessary when you come into hot areas and want to leave the windows and the mosquito nets open for better air circulation. For us completely irrelevant. With the existing mosquito nets on the windows, the fly catcher, insect repellant, a little caution and now and then our cabin air conditioning, we do not need this.
  2. We bought a windshield that you can attach at the height of the truck tires when there is strong wind blowing through the chassis, so that you can sit more protected and not get all the dust. We had learned and read this from other travelers and found it very useful. We have never used it and we will never use it. Because why should we sit outside in such crap weather?! Then we just go in and make ourselves comfortable.
  3. Two small stools to complement our large camping chairs. Also never used. Well, they don’t take up that much space and we thought it might be useful if you have to carry them somewhere, but it hasn’t happened yet.
  4. Our old drone has now been replaced by a new one – after all, of course, it’s expensive. What progress and what joy. So far, we have used the old one maybe 5 times because it was far too complicated and error prone. The new one works perfectly fine and has already been used more than the old one in three years.
  5. I took my soup ladle home with me quite early. Never used and can also be replaced with other items that do not take up so much space.
  6. We had a whole drawer of board games with us because we thought we might get bored one day. We never touched the parts once. In addition, Oliver does not like games, so we took everything back home.
  7. And now the “women’s things”. Black pumps. I thought, like the white blouse, for nice places to go out. Also, complete nonsense. I never used them. It’s just way too often way too dirty. Germany is one of the few countries that has continuous sidewalks everywhere, even in rural areas. You never get dirty and you can always walk well with pumps, but that is completely different in other countries.
  8. I probably had 10 scarves with me at the beginning. What nonsense. We are mostly only in warm areas and when it gets colder, 1-2 are enough.
  9. A mountain full of jewelry. Of course, wisely only costume jewelry, but still: chains, malas, long earrings, short earrings, small rings, large rings … which I always wanted to change, as I did at home. I don’t wear any of that. Just a few straps on my arm and my wedding ring.
  10. In 2017, I bought 10 packs of hair coloring packs so that in developing countries I don’t have to smear pure chemistry into my hair. Today, in autumn 2020, I used exactly one pack of it. It looks like I’m not so vain as I thought….


  1. Hi Karin. Good to see you and Oliver are enjoying your trip North!
    I love this post! Agree with 2 and 4 out of your “important” list and most of your “unimportant” list – though I have to disagree with no. 7. I have two pairs of black pumps – one pair I live in (I feel much happier with closed in shoes around campgrounds, etc and they’re easy to slip on and off) and one pair is hardly worn (for “going out”).
    I didn’t bring jewellery, but I do miss my wedding/engagement rings, which I left at home (brought fake ones with me). I’m surprised that your washing machine isn’t in the important list? 🙂

    1. Hi Francine,
      I am happy, that you love it.
      I think I have to correct the description. We Germans often say pumps, but we mean high heels. So I meant my high heels with approx. 10 cm heels … I never missed it. But ofc I totally agree with you, comfortable pumps are fine. I have black ballerinas, these are my “going outs”.
      And you are right as well with the washing machine. It is so normal in the meantime, so that I have forgot about it … ofc it IS important to me 😉 AND it is too technical.
      Love Karin

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