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Summary: Malawi

1,994 km in 17 days: The African country slogan “The warm heart of Africa” ​​applies 100% to Malawi. The people are so welcoming: Everyone is waving to us with a broad smile. In Balaka we get to know nice priests who also invite us to dinner and let us camp the night behind their church. It is hot. The Liwonde NP is very special in terms of landscape: mountains in the background, river landscape with a lot of hippos and elephants. The Zonda Plateau cools us down again, for which we are very grateful. In the Mulanje Mountains we go hiking to a waterfall and get soaking wet because of a thunderstorm, so we have to wait under a rock. The huge Lake Malawi, in which Lake Constance fits 55 times, delights us with a few very beautiful lodges on its shore. However, we almost always have to cut our way through so that we produce mountains of green. The Nyika NP in the mountains shows itself again as a completely different landscape: Like Scotland, rolling green hills run through the country, which we explore by quad bike and even watch zebras and antelopes.

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