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Summary: Oman

5,080 km in 34 days: Already in the first hours, in the northern exclave of Musandam, it becomes clear to us how fascinating the rugged mountain landscape of Oman is. Incredibly steep off-road slopes and amazing views shape our days. On a dhow tour we visit the fjords of Arabia and let ourselves be accompanied by many dolphin families. Arriving in the “main Oman”, we first stop at the Chedi hotel in Muscat to let ourselves be pampered. Then we go to the picturesque Hadjar Mountains: great canyons, idyllic villages and fabulous views await us there. On the other side, we visit many different wadis, each of which is unique and beautiful: from wide water-bearing river valleys to river valleys framed by steep rock faces, everything is there. A highlight is the Jebal Shams massif, which inspires us with its steep cliffs and in which we go on beautiful hikes. In the town of Bahla we visit a beautifully restored fortress where we can roam around wonderfully. We pay a visit to the Sayq Plateau and try to cross the Salma Plateau towards the sea: unfortunately, the tracks become too narrow for Shujaa. We drive the rest with our quad because we are just curious. In the Wahiba Sands we are invited by Omanis to a dune safari in the form of a jeep tour and we experience a very special day fully integrated in their group. In the Ras Al Jins Turtle Reserve, we watch the turtles laying their eggs and how newly hatched babies waddle towards the sea. A detour to the Sugar Dunes makes our long journey south more entertaining than we thought. Finally arriving in Salalah we buy kilos of incense, relax on the dream beach Fazayah and visit the beautiful Wadi Derbat. Via the Empty Quarter, including a tour in the dunes and a “visit” by a low-flying jet plane, we head to Saudi Arabia. The Omanis are extremely friendly and very helpful – there is always Arabic coffee or tea when we meet people.

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