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Summary: Namibia

14,344 km in 84 days: For us, Namibia means breathtaking desert and mountain landscapes combined with unique sunsets and endless solitude. At the beginning our Shujaa arrived in Walvis Bay by RoRo ship and he was missing the window regulator modules. Well, as long as nothing else is missing… Unfortunately, we also had a massive starter battery problem in the further course, in which we had to replace the batteries every two months, believe it or not, three times in total. The Namib Desert with its various rock formations, such as Spitzkoppe, Blutkuppe or Mirabib, is always a unique experience for us. Of course, the famous Soussouvlei, the Tiras Mountains, Kolmanskop with the abandoned diamond village and the secluded Lüderitz should not be missing. We really liked the green Oranje River both at the beginning and during the passage after seven months returning from South Africa and we relaxed in its cool waters. The quiver tree forest, which, as a symbol of Namibia, glowed orange in the light of the sunset, was unbeatable. In the Kgalagadi Transfrontier NP we experienced, besides animals, a huge thunderstorm typical for there, in which we thought Shujaa would be blown away. During a hike in the Naukluft NP, we climbed down a breathtaking canyon. We drove the Ugab Rivier to the east, passed the lonely Messum crater and drove around the Brandberg mountains. The Desolation Valley presented itself to us extremely lonely and untouched, so that it was a real pleasure to undertake an extensive quad tour there. Unfortunately, our search for the desert elephants in the dry river valley of the Hoarib was unsuccessful this time. In the Hoarusib river valley it was unexpectedly not dry and we had a lot of fun with the constant river crossings. The wild Kaokoveld with the Kunene as well as the lonely Hartmannstal and the beautiful Marienfluss valley are simply fantastic. Of course we also visited the Etosha NP and enjoyed the animals, but the nicest thing was the Mudumo Campsite No. 3, where we were completely alone in the wilderness with hippos and elephants; our quad failed during a game drive and we had to walk two kilometers, but we were not eaten.

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