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Summary: Mozambique

1,817 km in 13 days: Strict punishment of traffic offenses is what this country is famous for: Immediately after a kilometer in the country we were stopped by a military post – Karin is not wearing her seat belt. The police is relentless, so we pay very close attention to speed limits and all other regulations. Shitty overland roads with crater-like washouts accompanied us south. The people are fun-loving and very beautiful. The apparently third poorest country in the world surprised us with great kindness. The Bazzaruto archipelago is like the South Seas islands and we enjoyed white beaches and snorkeling trips, which offered us an exceptionally beautiful variety of underwater life. In Tofo we did a diving course: one of the best diving spots in the world. Here we experienced something very special: we swam up close with a whale shark in the open sea, which was a big highlight for us. Many walks on the most diverse, beautiful beaches let us fully enjoy the African beach life.


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