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Summary: Kenya

6,108 km in 56 days. Via Kisumu on Lake Victoria, we drive to the beautiful Maasai Mara: Infinite land, picturesque umbrella acacias and herds of animals await us. In the Maji Moto Cultural Camp we experience the fascinating Maasai and their authentic rituals. After a short city stopover in Nairobi, we circle the salty Magadi Lake and experience rough, desert-like nature again with some wet and exciting lake crossings. In Amboseli NP we see Kilimanjaro as beautiful as never before in a beautiful nature park ambience with elephants and giraffes in the foreground. Through the rather wildlife scarce, but scenic Tsavo West NP, we drive south to the turquoise-blue Indian Ocean. After a few relaxing days with our feet in the sand, it goes back over the traffic horror road from Mombasa to Nairobi in order to do a Mount Kenya circuit. At the edge of the Aberdare Mountains, we drive to Lake Naivasha with a beautiful campground directly on the lake and do an adventurous mountain bike tour in Hells Gate NP, where we see many lion tracks, but (luckily) do not see any of the majestic animals from our bike. Via the flooded lake Baringo we approach the Samburu country with their original tribes and continue to drive over the bustling and notorious Baragoi to Lake Turkana. When we arrived at the Jade Sea, we were speechless about the really fascinating color and the very original tribes – the Turkana. On the way to the east a terrible stone desert needs to be crossed, so that in Marsabit we are happy to have mastered this stretch without tire problems. Now it’s off to Moyale on the border with Ethiopia. Unfortunately, we are not successful this time with the border crossing and need to turn back south. So, we can still enjoy the beautiful Samburu NP with a breathtaking lion kill and tons of elephants. The detour to Lamu, the island of donkeys as well as the “rich & famous”, presents us with many impressive experiences from Dhow races to great restaurants. Finally, we go back to Mombasa to bring our Suhjaa on the ship to Europe.

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