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Summary: Botswana

3,262 km in 29 days: In the tourist town of Kasane we went on a classic Chobe boat cruise and had to find out that, despite the many tourists, the area has a very special appeal. Such a density of elephants, buffalo and antelopes is seldom seen. Our way then led us southwards through the Savuti, which was completely dry and therefore unfortunately also disappointing w/r to game viewing. Nevertheless, the crossing gave us a lot of joy, whether the beautiful nature and the many deep sandy slopes. On the Khwai River we visited the famous bridge, which unfortunately does not carry us, and again observed many elephants there. At Moremi South Gate a leopard visited us for our sundowner on Shujaa’s rooftop. Karin was a little nervous, but he just walked past us. Our “break” at “Vumbura Plains” in the Okavango Delta was an extraordinary experience, which we started with an impressive flight over the green lungs of Africa. The nature, the animals and the landscape in the delta are simply unforgettable and unique. The lonely Central Kalahari GR brought many scratches to Shujaa, because of the narrow slopes, but also great nature. The Makgadikgadipans with Kubu Island are sure to stay in our memories for a long time, because Shujoo broke down and we had to walk through the wilderness again – from the Pan to the island, then to be towed 40 km back to Shujaa. Luckily we were close to Kubu Island and found someone to tow us back. The Tuli Block with the Limpopo river is an unfortunately underestimated, beautiful area that we visited extensively and made friends there, on whose beautiful game farm we were allowed to spend the night.


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