Flight delays

We do not fly as much as we used to do when we were still working, but especially at the very beginning of our trip around the world, on our flight from Mallorca via Madrid to Buenos Aires, we only reached our plane by sweaty jogging. That’s when we got very nervous for the first time because that was our most important flight in our lives so far, even though we flew thousands of times when we were still in business.

Certainly, one or the other knows flightright.de, which help to collect the compensation in case of flight problems. Because, of course, we also thought about how we possibly come to our right, because a missed connection flight would have had lots of disastrous consequences (e.g. our expedition mobile would have been picked up later from the port / customs etc.). To revamp our pages a bit with the tips, let’s write a short summary here:

Anyone traveling in the EU as a passenger enjoys special protection in the event of delays. For two hours or more, air travelers are already entitled to food services. From three hours late compensation is also entitled to a compensation: the airline then has to pay up to 600 Euros. The only requirement for this: The airline is responsible for the delay itself. Then the passengers have the right to a compensation payment of 250 to 600 Euros. The compensation for a flight delay depends on the length of the flight route. For a flight distance of less than 1,500 km, 250 Euros must be paid to the passenger. If the route is between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers long, 400 Euros will be due for the airline. At over 3,500 kilometers, there is a claim to E00 euros. It does not matter how expensive the flight was.

What about a flight delay?

  • From 3 hours is entitled to compensation
  • Each affected passenger is entitled to 250 to 600 Euros compensation
  • From 2 hours late, the airline must provide snacks and drinks
  • The basis is the EU passenger rights regulation 261/2004
  • In exceptional circumstances, the airline does not have to pay
  • The EU passenger rights regulation also applies to package holidays

What do you have to do in case of a flight delay?

  • Confirmation of the airline about the reason for delay
  • Collect evidence: photos, receipts, tickets, vouchers
  • Exchange contact information with other travelers
  • Insist on services at the airport

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