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Entering the U.S.: The New England States

As expected, the border crossing from Canada to the U.S. is hassle-free: with our B2 visa we get a six-months stamped into our passport without any discussions and Shujaa is only superficially inspected – as is often the case, more out of interest for the vehicle than due to a serious search for prohibited goods such as fresh produce. First takes is filling up the tank and shopping for groceries: unfortunately, the price level for both in Vermont is not really much lower than in Canada which is already known to be very expensive.

In the most beautiful Indian Summer weather, where the colors yellow, orange and dark red offer a fascinating feast for the eyes, we drive through the Green Mountains. Here we take a look at Burlington, the pretty capital and university town of the state of Vermont, before we continue east to New Hampshire and the White Mountains: Mount Washington, visible from far away and at 1,900 meters the highest mountain in the north-east of the U.S.A., is indeed already “white” – a spectacular image contrasting with the warm foliage colors of the forests in the foreground.

One of the oldest private roads in the U.S. leads up Mount Washington. Tourism has a long tradition here, as do the strict access restrictions: citing the steep but fully paved route and the tight turns that (apparently) Shujaa would not be capable to handle…. if only they knew in what places on the world we have already been driving – based on our own judgment and not based on standardized rules. But other countries have different rules! The ascent with a small shuttle bus is still nice, even if we initially struggle with this alternative solution. Above all, the far-reaching view from the bare summit (on which the highest winds ever experienced on earth were measured) of the surrounding plains is spectacular, as is the crossing of the diverse vegetation levels in a very short time. A beautiful hike and a very steep mountain bike tour complete our stay here.

When we get to the coast near Maine, the weather changes and it rains non-stop for 24 hours: amounts of water that we have never seen before pouring down from the sky. Luckily, we are standing – quite uncharacteristically for us – on the paved parking lot of a shopping outlet center and therefore don’t have to worry about drowning on a completely sodden ground. The coast near Maine is rightly considered one of the most beautiful in North America: we particularly like the region around Kennebunkport (here the Bush dynasty has one of their vacation homes, where the two presidents have always gone on vacation regularly). Also, very beautiful are two pretty towns with great villas further south in Ogunquit, Port Neddik and on the Cape Ann Peninsula. Here, too, we can imagine renting a house for 2-3 months after our trip around the world is finished…in order to get to know the area better.

We visit Boston on a Sunday: Shujaa even finds one (to be exact… two!) parking space in the immediate vicinity of the main shopping street. Almost like a compact small car if you know how to park 😉 ! A fascinating city with a lot of flair – just like neighboring Cambridge, where we look at the extensive campus of Harvard University and let the very positive aura of internationality, a positive understanding of the elite and centuries-old tradition affect us. I would also have liked to have studied here during my university stay abroad over 30 years ago!

On the long peninsula Cape Cod – the so-called Sylt of the New England states – we pause for three days directly on the beach with a view of seals and seagulls and digest the impressions of our USA. In the really deep sand Shujaa is happy to finally be able to let some air out of tis tires and activate some of his differential locks, but – like us – observes the extensive inspection of the National Park rangers when the necessary permit is issued: tow ropes, sand plates, correct tire dimensions and spare wheels, Dimension of the wastewater tanks… everything is checked. But ultimately the officials cannot avoid giving us the required permit, even if they are obviously afraid of what they should do with us if we get stuck in the sand. If only people had been so “concerned” about us everywhere on our trip around the world so far…

With a visit to Newport Beach, where the richest people of the country already settled down in the 19th century and built the most feudal residences, we leave the beautiful New England states and head for New York. Let’s see if we can find a great parking space for our compact car in Manhattan… like we did in Boston.


  1. Hello from Morehead City, NC! I passed by your super cool rig this morning and had to know more so looked up your travel blog. Hoping you were able to get out to Cape Lookout (perhaps you just left the island;) and put that vehicle to good use… Safe travels!

    1. Hi Ben!

      Thank you. Unfortunately, we missed it … ofc we are not able to see all of the world, but this would have been be nice.

      Karin & Oliver

  2. Saw your amazing MAN rolling through central Virginia. If heading towards Hampton Roads area enjoy the time! Not sure of your destination, but enjoy the mid-Atlantic scenery!

    1. Thank you!

  3. Welcome to Swarthmore! Crossed paths twice today, curiosity to say the least!

    1. 🙏

  4. We came across you on Sunday on the ferry we were on the motorcycles and thought your truck was awesome. Then we see you again in our home to of Southampton NY. Hope you have a safe trip. Good luck

    1. Hi Kevin!

      Thank you. We love the Hamptons, therefore we tried to spend some days there with our truck. Unfortunately it was rainy, but we enjoyed it anyhow.

      Karin & Oliver

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