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Chile and its cold rain forests

About a mini-border pass with a border station, which looks more like a hiking lodge, at the volcano Lanin, we arrive to Chile: everything runs smoothly and in particular in comparison to our previous African border experiences very orderly. The Chileans are not wrongly considered the Prussians of South America. Although we knew that Chile is doing very accurate food controls, our fridge is relieved by some of our fresh products – fortunately, the 2 kg beef fillet and our fish are not found, it was well hidden. However, Karin was extremely sad, because her important herbs and seeds, such as coriander, fennel, cumin and their expensive Dallmayr honey was also fed to the garbage.

As the weather is still very bad with a lot of snow and, in deeper regions, rain, we relax in one of the numerous spas in this area due to the strong volcanic activity and treat ourselves to a massage. A thermal spa should be particularly mentioned: Therma Geographica – particularly idyllic location, with terraced basins with different water temperatures. Beautiful with waterfall at the end.

The next days we drive on partially adventurous slopes and bridges through cold rainforests with huge ferns, plants and beautiful waterfalls. Some of the wooden bridges are allowed for 10 tons of weight only, so we ask ourselves with Shujaa’s  almost 20 tons several times, whether the safety reserve may eventually be maxed out. Karin is getting increasingly nervous. Luckily, a local man comes by reassures her that the bridge should be sufficiently strong for our truck. From then on, we take the bridges confidently and, above all, swiftly. Since the Chilean Andes are among the wettest areas in the world, we find the rain that accompanies us to be quite fitting. We get used to it and, dressed accordingly, undertake the first jungle tours of our trip around the world.

The nature park Huilo Huilo is particularly beautiful, with many spectacular waterfalls and great camping facilities and stands. Very well maintained and a great location

In the further course we drive a little further west, more in the plane. There it almost looks like our landscape in Bavaria or in the Allgäu. Very green meadows, many cows and sheep and a great landscape. Next stop is another National Park.

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